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Horses as Healers and Teachers

EAL is still a very new modality in Australia, but it is growing very fast all over the world due to the effectiveness shown by Equine Assisted Therapy and Learning. It's a powerful resource for anyone looking for positive change.

Experience the unique opportunity to learn from The Horse's Way in a healing and inspiring nature environment through horse activities/experiences such as leading, grooming, games, mindfulness and obstacle courses (to name a few) . Live in the present moment again and access your own inner wisdom and intuition.

We provide a safe space for reflecting, being, welcoming change and healing.

EAL provides opportunities for Social-Emotional skill building, Leadership, Confidence building, Team building and much more.





Equine Assisted Learning Session


55 minutes
Horse Activities, Learn Social-Emotional Skill building, Horse Wisdom, Leadership skills and much more.

Equine Assisted Learning Session

Young Children, 10 years and younger

40 minutes
Horse Activities, Learn Social-Emotional Skill building, Horse Wisdom, Leadership skills and much more.


Group Sessions

Please request a quote

2 hours or individually tailored.
Please contact us for a quote and availability.
Horse Activities, Learn Social-Emotional Skill building, Horse Wisdom, Leadership skills, team building and much more.

Horse Legs

Yeshim Ali

Earlier this year, our family of four participated in a meditation and interaction session with the beautiful horses at Equi-Zen. It was a calming, centering and enriching family experience that I highly recommend if you are holidaying in the Atherton Tablelands. Thank you Kaya!


We had a very special session with Kaya and Mr.Puddles at Equi-Zen this morning.

What a beautiful way to spend the morning, learning mindfulness with a lovely big white horse

Thank you so much xxx


Our teenager (M) thoroughly enjoys her regular sessions with Kaya and her horses. M is often reluctant to engage with therapies such as OT and psychology, but looks forward to her sessions with equine assisted learning. Although M is not usually a keen talker, she chats away happily with Kaya and her horses – not to forget Seisa the farm dog. The tranquil forest setting and the peacefulness of Kaya and her horses work wonders to lift her mood, and to encourage her to engage in brushing and walking the horses. M has learnt how to use her breathing and body language to communicate with the horses and has formed a lovely bond with them.
More recently, M has increased her confidence to mount and walk the big horse . As well as M using her new skills to communicate with the horse, this also works on her core strength and confidence. M’s general well-being has increased substantially over the last nine months with Equi-Zen, and we look forward to more.
We highly recommend Equi-Zen!


My daughter and I have been working with Kaya for years now. Her kind heart, gentle hands and deep wisdom of the nature of horses, humans and their relationship has been most inspiring and helpful in developing our own deep connection to these majestic animals and ourselves. Mindfully we've been guided and supported on each and every step to gain understanding, confidence and to again and again find our peaceful hearts in Kaya's company. Our weekly sessions with her and her horses are invaluable to us and will continue for a long time to come.
My daughter's limitations have been received and accommodated for with such expertise, generosity and care.
We recommend Kaya's work to anybody seeking true connection to horses and Self.
Thank you, Kaya, from the bottom of our hearts!


Kaya is trained in Equine Assisted Learning with the Psychotherapy Institute, Victoria. This training is based on Gestalt Therapy and contains a mix of 'The Way Of The Horse', some Eastern Philosophies such as Mindfulness and of course the Wisdom and Intuition of the Horses, the Practitioner and the Client.


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NDIS refunds

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has made Equine Assisted Learning for many a possibility. Some of my clients are self managed and some organise it through a plan manager. If you are wondering if NDIS refunds could be an option for you, contact me or the NDIS for more information.

The NDIS provides support to eligible people with intellectual, physical, sensory, cognitive and psychosocial disability. Early intervention supports can also be provided for eligible people with disability or children with developmental delay.


Equi-Zen at Expo

Equi-Zen and Kaya's Rebirthing Breathwork with MJ Aromas at the Harmony, Health and Wellness Expo at the Pier in Cairns. A wonderful day of meeting great people and seeing what amazing products and services our region has to offer.

Article in Connect Magazine

Equine Assisted Learning at Equi-Zen, Article on what it's all about.



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