What is equine assisted learning


Welcome to Equi-Zen

This is all about Horses and the wonderful things they can do for us. EAL a powerful resource for anyone looking for positive change.

The horses are the teachers. Sounds strange? Horses are clear communicators, aware of and reacting to energy/vibrations and non-verbal signals. They are nonjudgmental, strong-willed, resilient, forgiving, they know how to live in the moment and are authentic in their actions. Horses always show how they’re feeling, never wearing a mask to hide their true emotion. Looks like we can learn a lot from them.

EAL Sessions

Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) sessions focus on interaction with the horse, not riding or horsemanship.
Experience the unique opportunity to learn from the horses’ way in a healing and inspiring nature environment. Live in the present moment again and access your own inner wisdom and intuition.
It's about (re)connecting to your authentic self and it is also about relationships, how we connect with others and the rest of the world.
We provide a safe space for reflecting, being, welcoming change and healing.

Experience seeing yourself and the world from your heart and not only with the mind. Learn practical tools on how to face life's challenges.

No previous horse knowledge necessary.

The Horses Gift

At Equi-Zen it's about being real and true to ourselves, just like the horses are by nature. I believe horses have the special gift to help us humans in this turbulent time of world changes. They are a bridge between humanity and nature and can help us to reconnect with the oneness of all there is. Let the horse be your guide!

Horsemanship Lessons

I also offer horsemanship lessons for beginners, based on empathy, relating with awareness and mutual respect.

Option to work with Your Own Horse

Sessions are held with the horses of Equi-Zen, or I can travel and work with you and your horse(s) at your property in sessions tailored to your unique situation.


About Me

Kaya Wilson

Who am I? I am Kaya Wilson, certified EAL practitioner. I'm a lifelong Horse lover and student. My mission is to help people and animals: People to understand themselves better and live happier lives - and the horses (and other animals) to be seen for who they really are, so they can live the lives they deserve.

I am very passionate about my work and each client will be lead with compassion and uttermost care to safely explore their relationship with the horses and the rest of the world.

I am certified and professionally trained by the EPA model, Equine Psychotherapy Australia.